Shell commands ending in 2>/dev/null

Getting drupal console auto completion to work.

From installing Drupal Console:

5) Take advantage of command autocomplete feature.

#Bash or Zsh: Add this line to your shell configuration file:

source “$HOME/.console/console.rc” 2>/dev/null

But it wasn’t working for me for some reason…

First, so, what’s this all mean? Well, basically you’re redirecting the application/command error output (stderr) to a black hole. In other words you don’t want any errors printed to the screen.

( > ) = output redirection

( 2 ) = STDERR

Standard In, out, and error Standard In is usually from the keyboard. Programs usually print to standard output and sometimes prints to standard error. 0, 1, 2 = STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR


In order to get the autocompletion to work, I added this command to my ~/.bash_profile. In the screenshot gif below you can see the command at the bottom of my ~/.bash_profile - for some reason it wasn’t working at the top of the file.

alt text